5 Architectural-Miracles Like Stations in the World

Usually, then we come to a new country, the railway and metro stations are not the place where we would like to spend our time. Or even if sometimes we have just simply to sit and wait for a bit, we prefer surfing the web in our smartphones and don’t even look around!

Unnecessarily. In fact, all around the globe, we can find an impressive number of stations which are pretty beautiful! And therefore, Travel Ticker team is going to prove that to us by sharing five most amazing ones in this article bellow!

1. Station turned into film set


In the largest Indian city of Mumbai, we can find a beautiful Chhatrapati Shivaji railway station which looks more like a palace, rather than the building hundreds of daily passengers visit every day.

This beautiful station has been designed to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, and that is nothing surprising knowing that for many years India was a colony of the British Empire.

The impressive building attracts not only travellers. Here, if you can remember, was filmed the famous movie called “Slum dog Millionaire.” So walking around here might remind you some parts of this great movie too.

2. Sunbathes in Munich’s station

No, you guessed it wrong. This is not a space ship and not a secret scientific base this is St. Quirin Platz subway station in Munich, Germany.

The architect says that steel and glass structures were chosen not to make it look super modern or whatever, but because of beautiful eco-cautions reasons. Huge windows actually let more sunlight in, so this way the city is not wasting electricity for lighting during the day. And people do really love it! Especially because just around the corner of this station, there is a beautiful park in which many passengers choose to wait for their train.

3. In Taiwan – church-like stained glass


Although in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung city located Formosa Boulevard metro station we can see more than 100 thousand of passengers every day, this station is famous for its artistic reasons.

The station is decorated with an impressive stained glass ceiling, reminiscent of European glass decorations used at churches. It is said that the design symbolizes hands prepared for prayer, so do not be afraid to miss your train and spend a few moments to admire this work of art.

4. Spaceship hanging above the station

Singapore’s weather is very changeable, one moment here the sun shines bright, and another – tropical rains starts to fall. Therefore, it is not surprising that the construction of the Expo railway station was dedicated to passengers’ protection from these natural elements.

The architect conceived a building covered with sun reflective plate, which significantly reduces the temperature inside. Well, tourists love this place for another reason – metal “cover” looks pretty similar to as some might call “space ship”. Want to check? Visit it then!

5. The highest, but the most forgotten station


Tibetan Tanggula Station is considered to be the highest in the world because it is located more than five kilometres above the sea level. Despite the fact, that nearby this small white building there are three ways, people with tickets and suitcases in the hands normally are not noticed here.

Nowadays, trains do not stop at Tanggula, but this station can be reached by car. So you can still stop by here and admire not only the station but the surrounding Himalaya Mountains and lakes as well. I guarantee it will take your breath away for long!


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